Whether for business or leisure Penzion Zahrada provides a comfortable accommodation in a pleasant environment in the Masaryk district within reach of the Brno city center. You can choose the accommodation in two categories:

Hotel section offers 12 double rooms with hall, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. The room is equipped with a television. Two of the rooms are barrierless.

Tourist section offers 6 double rooms and 2 triple rooms. Toilets are in the corridor, for women and men separately.

Pokoj Penzionu Zahrada - Hotelová část s příslušenstvím Koupelna - pokoj 201 - hotelová část

Tourist section offers 6 double rooms and 2 triple rooms. Toilets are in the corridor, for women and men separately.

Pokoj Penzion Zahrada - bez příslušenství Společné sociální zařízení - turistická část - dámská


Throughout your stay you can park safely in our fenced area next to the guest house. In the case of individual accommodation, parking is included. Your room key also serves as the entrance to the hotel areal or the entrance to the guest house.

Parkovací stání v oploceném areálu Penzionu Zahrada Parkovací stání v oploceném areálu Penzionu Zahrada


In the case of individual accommodation we will prepare for you a breakfast at your request.

In the case of group stay we will provide meals according to your needs. We can  arrange a food delivery according to your requirements. On request, we can also provide all-day refreshments, such as soft drinks, coffee or tea.

If you prefer to rely on your cook, we can rent you a fully equipped kitchen with facilities and necessary needs.

Kuchyně v Penzionu Zahrada Kuchyně 2 - Penzion Zahrada

Use of other spaces

For meetings, seminars, presentations, team building activities as well as for various celebrations, weddings and other similar occasions, we offer a rent of The Big Conference Hall with 50 seats. The space of The Big Conference Hall can be flexibly organized according to your needs. Besides the pleasant space with view to the beautiful garden and direct access to a summer terrace we also offer necessary equipment, such as WIFI connection, notebook and data projector. It is also possible to use a printer or a copier available at the reception.

Velký jednací sál Penzion Zahrada Velký jednací sál - Penzion Zahrada

Small groups can use The Small Meeting Room with an access to the balcony. The Small Meeting Room has a capacity of 13 people.

Malá jednací síň - Penzion Zahrada Malá jednací síň - Penzion Zahrada

A dining room with a fireplace situated in the arched basement with a capacity of 50 people is perfect for having a nice meal or celebrating your special days or anniversaries.

Jídelna s Krbem - Penzion Zahrada Jídelna s krbem - Penzion Zahrada

In our kitchen we can prepare not only the breakfast, but also lunch and dinner for group events. On your request we can also rent you a fully equipped kitchen for the duration of your group stay.

Our garden is our pride. It protects us from the bustle of the city and it is also a perfect place for relaxation at sunny terrace or under the shade of old trees. There is a swimming pool and an open fireplace available.

There is also an outdoor field for volleyball or football in the Pension Garden areal. We will lend you necessary equipment.

Our chapel is a quiet place where you can stop and find your time for prayer in the cycle of busy days. With its interesting architecture and delicate beauty it is friendly also for non-believers for their contemplation.

Kaple - Penzion Zahrada